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Our Smoky Lake seniors deserve our respect for building this community. This is why we are showing them our appreciation by offering this discount.
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10% Discount*

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We want to support our local Home Hardware, and we know you want to support them, too! This is why we will install any item you purchase from them.
A new water heater? A new toilet or kitchen faucet? Perhaps a sump pump for the basement? Ask Sam & his team for assistance, and don't forget about options available online.
You are not obligated  to purchase anything from us.
Call us today to ask for advice on what product brand names we think will save you money in the long term.
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*Discount applies to items purchased $40+ value.
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Your Community Plumber

Ben Evans, RSE

Journeyman Plumber.

Journeyman Steamfitter.

Ben Evans is a Red Seal Endorsed (RSE), dual-ticketed Journeyman Plumber & Steamfitter with 25 years of experience in Residential & Commercial plumbing and in Industrial steamfitting. 
Ben's experience as a plumber in the fiercely competitive city marketplace has taught him to hustle and work hard when on-site. This means your plumbing project will be completed efficiently and properly. If you need a skilled plumber who offers fair pricing and an excellent customer experience, call Ben!
Your Community Plumber

Smoky Lake Mechanical Ltd.


Ben started as a young apprentice in 1995 in the new housing and residential service industry. This was the core foundation for his plumbing skills before he progressed to larger commercial and industrial projects.

Flooded basements, cold water heaters, burst pipes, overflowing toilets, backed up drains - no job is too small or too big. As a plumber in a city of 350,000 people, Ben has seen it all and he has learned firsthand what to do any situation. His first priority for you will be fixing before replacement unless it proves to be too costly. If there's an option to save you money, he'll give it to you. Ben will also ensure he does it right for you the first time so you won't have to call him back.

Ben truly enjoys the 1-on1 exchanges inherent to service work; there's a sense of community which is special to residential plumbing. And just so you know, he doesn't drink coffee or tea, but Ben does have a sweet tooth :-) and he'll always enjoy discussing birding and hunting in Smoky Lake County after the job is done to your satisfaction. :-)


Ben has extensive experience with the more demanding and complex issues that come with commercial and industrial buildings. He has worked extensively on new installations, but his experience in residential plumbing made him particularly skilled at servicing in the commercial industry, too. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, hair salons, schools, apartments, and even a Cargill chicken processing plant ... this is the kind of experience he gained from working in a city which benefits the community in Smoky Lake County. 

With our Voluntary Recognized Agreement with the UA 488 and backed by their full support, we have access to a phenomenal skilled team of trained professionals who can work on any project.


You can find Ben's steamfitting resume on

Altex, Black & McDonald, CEDA, CIMS, Edmonton Exchanger, Jacob's, and TAMS have all hired Ben as a UA 488 General Foreman - Piping and/or Foreman - Piping on their sites.

This past summer, Ben's three night shift crews won Shell Scotford's Safety Cup a record of seven times during the shutdown. They also earned a PF factor of 30% greater than the next nearest unit in the plant. His crews received company-wide recognition for proving that they can be the safest, the most efficient, the most productive - and the happiest - at the same time!

Ben completed the Better SuperVision program in October 2020, which focuses on developing frontline supervisory competencies for the commercial, institutional, and industrial construction and plant maintenance industries. His next continuing education objective is completing the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) program.

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